Video Marketing Services


If you’re in business, offering a product or service you have video on your website right? No? You have to ask yourself “Why not?”

People today, or should I say, potential customers go to the internet first when they are looking for information, products and services. And they love video. People are watching more than 2 billion videos a day on Youtube…. 2 BILLION views every day! So including video on your business website makes sense. Youtube is the second most popular search engine, and posting videos on Youtube, which is owned by Google can help your search engine rankings. Studies have shown visitors spend more time of a web page that includes video.  Imagine how that can help your conversion rate.

Why just tell potential customers how your product or service can help them, why not show them!   Web video can help your business expand its market and increase sales. An effective web marketing video tells your clients much more about your business than just what products or services you offer. It tells them you care enough to go that extra step to help them understand.

People don’t buy from stores, or websites or brochures, they buy from people. People they know, like and trust. Using video on your website starts the process where visitors get to know you.

Which would carry more weight with you? Some words typed on the web page in the form of a client testimonial, or a short  web video testimonial where the viewer can see and hear a satisfied customer tell them about your great product or service? I thought so.


Mecca Video Productions can help you create an effective web marketing video for your business. Whether it’s a product demonstration, an overview of your service or client testimonials, we have your web video marketing solution.


MVP also produces full scale corporate,  sales,  and instructional programs as well as commercials.

Mecca Video Productions also provides high quality voice over and on-camera talent services to businesses, organizations and individuals helping them create effective multimedia products.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create an effective video for your business. The consultation is free. Send us an email at or dial us up at 732-930-0363.

Here are a few samples of our recent work.