I started a new news type website called Side Street News. I’m going back to my TV news roots and covering some local events, doing stories on interesting people and unique places. This past weekend I covered one of those events, a reunion of sorts at the oldest school in […]

New Music Video

A Webmercial is like a television commercial but made for and distributed on the internet (web). That’s where the name comes from. A lot of businesses, especially small businesses can increase their web presence by using video in their marketing. Websites that use video rank higher in the search engines. […]


Every year since 1906 racers tackle the Giant’s Despair Hill climb race. Louis Chevrolet, Carol Shelby and Roger Penske… well let’s watch the commercial. Produced by Jump Motion Design, and voiced by Bill Mecca.

Giants Despair Hill Climb Race

Are you in a band and need a demo video? Are you a Solo Artist with a great new original song and you want to create a music video? There is probably no better way to get attention for your music, your passion, that a well produced music video. Whether […]

Music Video?

Some Happy Clients Dawn Brown, event planner and owner of Artfully Appointed, talks about her experience creating video for her business with Bill Mecca of Mecca Video Productions. From Script to Screen Do you have happy customers? Have they said nice things about your business? You are using those […]

Video Client Reviews

There are some exciting changes coming to as we revamp and offer some new services. Things are in the planning stage right now, there is much to be done, i’s to dot and T’s to cross, but it will be happening shortly. Keep checking back… in the meantime get […]

Changes Are in The Works

Now is the time of year to start thinking about your 2011 business promotions, are you thinking Video? You should be, and we can help, whether it’s a web video, instructional video, or client testimonials. Get started early before it’s too late. As broadband internet access has become more prevalent, […]

Business Video for 2011

Mecca Video Productions produces the webshow, Video QuickTips with Bill Mecca. This show provides tips and techniques designed at helping viewers produce better video programs. Producer Bill Mecca says the idea behind the show is to pass along some of the knowledge he has gained during his nearly 30 years […]

Video QuickTips: The Show