Video Client Reviews

Some Happy Clients

Dawn Brown, event planner and owner of Artfully Appointed, talks about her experience creating video for her business with Bill Mecca of Mecca Video Productions.
From Script to Screen

Do you have happy customers? Have they said nice things about your business? You are using those testimonials to help convince other buyers to trust you right?

That is what client testimonials are designed to do, yet they can do more.

You have to convince potential customers to stop looking around and buy.

Video client testimonials are key. Video testimonials provide you with credible endorsements in a way textual testimonials cannot.

Potential clients look at reviews on line. Who doesn’t? If you go to an online retailer like Amazon for instance, do you read the reviews? On Ebay do you check the seller’s feedback? Reviews provide confirmation the product or service is as good as the seller says it is. They also give you an inside view of the sellers themselves and their customer service.

Usually a buyer knows they want the product, but they need reassurance from other buyers to have the confidence to say yes.
But, text on a screen is relatively anonymous. Cynical buyers could think they are fake testimonials. So how do you combat that skepticism?

Video testimonials. They put a face and a name with the review and remove the anonymity. They are real people speaking about their real experience with your business, product or service.

Mecca Video Productions can help you professionally produce video client testimonials with broadcast production quality. Drop us an email now for a quote.